Provillus Review: Will It
Stop Hair Loss Fast?

Provillus has been around for quite a while now. provillus-review-3You won’t find many alternative treatments for hair loss that have been around for as long as this treatment has. Most of them don’t make it on the market very long.

Probably the biggest selling point of Provillus is the fact that it doesn’t have the same negative side effects as the prescription drug Propecia. Because of all of the negative press that the drug has had other supplements have been able to step up and take over to some extent. Obviously, Propecia is still the most popular hair loss drug. However, as more people become aware of its permanent and debilitating side effects more people turn to alternative treatments.

provillus-review-1Provillus have become very popular in recent years. There is a reason why the product has become so popular. It is one of a few alternative treatments for hair loss that actually has some social proof. The truth is that if you’re looking for a treatment to deal with hair loss this is probably your best option.

Provillus is one of only a few alternative treatments for hair loss that has an FDA approved ingredient in it. Before they perfected the formula they used herbal ingredients to deal with hair loss. They had a oral supplement as well as a topical solution. Since then they have decided to go with just the newly improved topical formula.

In the UK they still use the herbal supplement which contains various herbs and natural ingredients. It is not something that I think works quite as well as the new formula they sell here in the United States.

In conclusionprovillus-review-2

If you happen to be suffering from hair loss Provillus is something that you really should try. It’s a well thought out treatment that anyone that is suffering from hair loss will be happy to have.