Provillus Reviews: Why No
Mention Of The Side Effects?

If you’ve seen some of the reviews on Internet you might think that Provillus does not have any side effects at all. This is simply not true. Most people think that because you don’t take the supplement orally that you cannot suffer from side effects. The truth is that it can be absorbed into your skin and cause you to have some of the same negative side effects as an oral treatment. Not as bad as Propecia, obviously, but it can be pretty bad sometimes.

While it might not be that common to experience side effects they do happen sometimes. You might experience redness or a burning sensation where you applied the treatment. So it is very important that you test out the treatment on a small portion of your head before using it fully.

People who happen to suffer from psoriasis or severe dandruff might want to stay away from Provillus. It can actually cause you to suffer from extreme itching. What you probably should do is deal with the scalp issue before you use something like Provillus.

Dealing With Dandruff Before Using Provillus

I use a 3% coal tar treatment on my dandruff. It worked pretty good for me. Coal tar is often used in psoriasis treatments. It does have sort of a smell to it. However, if you experience itching and still want to use Provillus then you probably should use a 3% coal tar treatment for at least three weeks before trying Provillus again.

In conclusion

While most people don’t suffer from side effects I have had some people tell me that they experienced itching. And the only thing I can tell them is to use a coal tar treatment because they probably have some sort of scalp ailment that is contributing to their itching.

If you suffer from any redness or a burning sensation then you probably should discontinue using Provillus permanently. There is probably something in the ingredients list that is causing an allergic reaction. That is something that probably will never change. If you happen to suffer from dizziness then that could be dangerous. And you should consult your doctor immediately and probably look for an alternative to Provillus.