Profollica Reviews: What About
The Dangerous Side Effects?

Many of the people reviewing Profollica will lead you to believe that the supplement has no side effects at all. Every supplement has some sort of side effect. Even if all it is is a negative reaction when mixed with prescription drugs, that is something you need to know.

Even taking the vitamin C supplement can cause you serious side effects. In some cases vitamin C actually causes people to have kidney stones. So these exotic ingredients that they put in Profollica could definitely have some sort of side effect.

Kigelia Africana

This is one of the ingredients in Profollica. It is actually poisonous in its natural form. The reason why it is added to the Profollica formula is because it has antifungal properties.

One of the side effects of using this treatment is that it can cause an increase in testosterone. It doesn’t¬†necessarily mean that it will actually cause you more hair loss. However, this is something worth taking note of.

If taken insignificant doses it can decrease your white blood cell count.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol is actually an ingredient that is added to Rogaine to so that the minoxidil will be more absorbable. Propylene Glycol is actually the ingredient in Rogaine that causes some people to have redness and a burning sensation on their scalp.

There are a wide variety of different ingredients in Profollica that could potentially cause you some side effects. If you happen to be taking prescription drugs some of the ingredients could potentially cause a negative interaction.

For example, L-tryptophan can cause a thinning of the blood when taking in normal dosage amounts. Fortunately, it is only added in a very small amount in Profollica. Reason why they do this is because they have so many different ingredients that work synergistically. So you don’t need a large amount of L-tryptophan in order to get the results you are looking for.