Profollica Reviews: Can It
Reverse My Receding Hairline?

profollica-review-1Several people have emailed me wondering about my Profollica review. If you’re looking for a serious critique of the hair loss product you’ve come to the right place. I will give you as much info on the results, ingredients, and possible side effects as I can.

An Evaluation Of Profollica’s Ingredients

In my original assessment of this product I noticed that there were quite a few different ingredients. The product contains a lot of amino acids and B vitamins. Ingredients like, Vitamin B9, Pantothenic Acid , L-Lysine, L-Arginine, and L-Proline all work together to provide you with the nutrients you need for hair growth.

It has a couple of DHT blockers like Salvia Sclarea and Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Bark Extract. However I think what really sets this treatment apart is the Kigelia Africana. This is what helps to get rid of the fungus that causes hair loss.

Any good review of Profollica should tell you about the fungus fighting attributes of the treatment. People don’t know this but a 2% coal tar treatment was originally used when they put Propecia through clinical trials. They don’t mention it because it is not a patent-able drug. Basically what they found during their evaluation of the treatment was that you need to clean the scalp of fungus in order to see hair growth even if you can successfully block DHT.

profollica-review-2Possible Profollica Side Effects

Don’t trust any review of Profollica that doesn’t state any of the possible negative side effects of using the product. Don’t believe any review for any hair loss treatment that claims there are no side effects. There are always side effects even if the chances of you experiencing them are slim.

One of the possible side effects of using Profollica is an increase in testosterone. You could also experience redness or a burning sensation on the scalp. And if you are already taking prescription drugs of some kind then this might cause a negative interaction.

profollica-review-3My Final Appraisal Of Profollica

If you’re looking for a natural treatment that’s effective and convenient then Profollica is your best bet. This product will give you your best chance of getting your hair back out of all the alternative treatments that are out there.