Procerin Review: How Fast
Can It Stop My Hair Loss?

Procerin is actually a very good formula. It is very well thought out and designed specifically to block DHT using only natural ingredients. If you want something that is an alternative to the dangerous prescription drug Propecia then Procerin is your best bet.procerin-review-1 Is a good combination of safety and effectiveness.

What it does is it uses supplements like saw palmetto, zinc sulfate, and nettle root to block five alpha reductase. The five alpha reductase is what causes DHT and DHT is the main hormone that causes hair loss.

The difference between this one and a prescription drug treatment like Propecia is that it isn’t as Potent. However, it also isn’t as dangerous. DHT is a very important hormone when it comes to sexual prowess as well as motivation. You can cause yourself permanent sexual side effects by using prescription drugs to block DHT. It also causes severe depression. Some people claim that they were having crying fits because of Propecia.

procerin-review-3The main reason why treatments like Procerin have become so popular over the years is because you will not suffer the same side effects by using natural treatments. If you do happen to suffer from the side effects of using those supplements they are only temporary with a prescription drug the side effects are permanent. That is why most people in the hair loss community know that they might have to go on hormone replacement for life because of the possible side effects of using Propecia.

procerin-review-2 In conclusion

Procerin is actually your best bet when it comes to dealing with hair loss and avoiding the negative side effects of hair loss treatments. You have far less of a chance of suffering from any side effects and those that you do suffer from won’t be permanent.